Dominika Peszko is a student on the Academy of Music in Krakow, in the piano class of Professor Andrzej Pikul. She continued her education under the direction of eminent pianists, in masterclasses of Professors: Paul Badura-Skoda (Austria), Gottlieb Wallisch (Austria), Jeno Jando (Hungary), Kevin Kenner (Great Britain), Carlos Cebro (Spain), Dina Yoffe (Latvia), Manfred Aust (Germany) and also during the Summer Music Academy in Krakow and ISA Prag-Wien-Budapest in Austria. In the first year on the Academy of Music in Krakow she was laureate of The Music Academy Piano Competition of Professor Tadeusz Żmudziński, where she received the 1st award. In December 2009 she was awarded with a scholarship from The Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland for distinctive study achievements and in academic year 2011/2012 with a scholarship of The Rector of Academy of Music in Kraków for most talented and the best students. In July 2011 Dominika Peszko received the 2nd award during The 2nd International Chopinian Halina & Ludwik Stefanski Piano Tournament in Kraków. In December 2011 she took part in The Stanislaw Moniuszko International Competition of Slavic Music in Minsk (Belarus) and she was in final stage. In 2012 she was awarded the Golden Award as a chamber musician (with Sound Quartet) at the International Competition for Soloists and Chamber Music Groups “Svirel 2012” in Stanjel (Slovenia) and also she got the second prize at the Concorso Musicale Europeo Citta di Filadelfia (Italy) in category of chamber music (with Blueberry Trio) and the third prize in the category of piano solo. She actively plays recitals and concerts as a solist with orchestras. In 2010 she played as a solist with Symphony Orchestra of Artur Malawski Philharmonic in Rzeszow under the direction of Piotr Wijatkowski during the Prince M.K. Ogiński International Festival in Iwonicz Zdroj and with Symphony Orchestra of Academy of Music in Krakow under the direction of Pawel Przytocki. She was performing many times the 2nd Piano Concerto by Frideric Chopin with string quartet as a solist conducting from the keyboard and also with Fresco Sonare Youth Orchestra under the direction of Monika Bachowska. Dominika Peszko is also very active pianist as a chamber musicial and colaborate with many chamber groups, especialy with woodwind (Blueberry Trio, Sound Quartet) and percussion instruments (Peszko-Sałdan Duo) and for many years in Peszko-Miernik piano duo. She has performed during many national and international festivals with the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Krakow, the Festival of Music of Krakow’s Composers in Krakow (Poland), the ‘Caper Lublinensis’ Festival (Poland), the ‘Nałęczowskie Divertimento’ Festival in Nałęczow Zdroj (Poland), the Prince M.K. Ogiński International Festival in Iwonicz Zdroj (Poland), the Young Talents Festival in Katowice (Poland), International Festival of Solist and Chamber Music Groups ‘Svirel 2012’ in Stanjel (Slovenia), the Celebrations of Chopin Year in Edinburgh and Inverness (Scotland) and the isaMusikfestival in Austria among them. She is a member of ‘PianoClassic’ Association, that promotes piano music and pianists and is the organizer of the ‘International Piano Festival of the City of Krakow’.…
"Dominika Peszko jest studentką, osobą bardzo młodą, a mimo to bardzo dojrzałą muzycznie. To sprawia, że koncerty Jej autorstwa przeżywa się niesłychanie mocno. (...)"
There is no mistaking Chopin’s unique signature emerging in the F minor’s slow Larghetto movement, played with enviable delicacy by Dominika Peszko, the emotional nuances of the piano as intensely visual and infused with warmth as sunlight on water.
21th Dec 2014
The Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice
Programme: J. Brahms more...
23th Nov 2014
Concert Hall, Academy of Music in Kraków
Programme: C. Timur, F. Araszkiewicz, G. Berko, Z. Cselenák more...
21th Nov 2014
Concert Hall, Academy of Music in Kraków
Programme: Deng Feng more...
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